Sunday, September 6, 2009

Puppy number 2 is a girl!

Our first girl born at 9:23 and a nice 9 7/8 oz. She must have been holding things up a bit, as she's quite a bit larger than the first puppy. It's amazing how fast they latch on to those nipples! She's a nice strong puppy.


  1. Dear Terrie, So happy to see everything turned out ok for Promise. We thought something might be wrong as we followed the blog of her progress. We are so glad to learn she is fine and babies are healthy. We are so excited for our new baby girl. We know you must be exhaused from your long night. We will be watching the blog for updates. Take care and REST!! Randy and Barb

  2. Thank you Randy and Barb. It was a bit stressful, although we've been through it before and know what to expect with a c-section and when to make the call to go in. She pushed on and off for almost 4 hours with no puppy and we could feel him in there and he just wasn't moving. The little guy had tried to do a somersault in the birth canal and got stuck!