Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rose and Zeke's Puppies

Here are the puppies at 4 weeks. They have started eating puppy mash and went on their first outing out on the grass. They are also starting to sleep in a crate with their mama.

Here are the 3 wk pics of the puppies. They are starting to play now, and walking at a high-speed wobble. They're a very happy, peaceful litter of puppies.

Here are the 2 week pics. The puppies are just starting to get their eyes open!

These are the pictures of Rose's puppies at one week old. They have all grown so much - double in their weights. They are a very content litter of puppies.

Here's a 3 day old picture of the males. Look how much they've plumped up in just 3 days! Here's a picture of the litter!

Number 10 is a male! On her last litter she had 10 puppies - wonder if she's done?

Here is another female - we're at 5 males and 4 females right now.

She took about an hour break, then had 3 more in about 15 minutes - one male and two females.

We had another male - 5 puppies total so far, 1 female and 4 males. More on the way :-)

These puppies are coming quick - not a lot of time for blogging! These two puppies are males.

Rose started having her puppies right when we were thinking of going to bed. Hmmm, looks to be a long night ahead. Here are puppies number 1 and 2 - one female and one male.

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