Sunday, January 16, 2011

Addie's Puppies

Here are the photos of Addie's puppies with their new families.

The puppies are 5 weeks old today. There's a new video on my website.
This week's update is a video on my website at: the available puppy page.
The puppies are moving around at a low-speed wobble now. They are becoming more aware of their environment and biting on each other. It's a very cute age of discovery!

Here are the 2 week pictures. The puppies all have their eyes open now. I think I need to put at least one of them on a diet! I've never had such fat puppies before. We are giving mom longer and longer times out of the box. She likes hanging out with them which is nice.

These are the pictures of the puppies at 1 week of age. They are so fat and content - the benefits of being in a small litter!

Here are the puppies on their first day after delivery. All of them have gained weight and are very content.

It looks like she's done with 3 puppies.

Number 3 is a female weighing in at 12 3/4 oz. It's nice to have their weights so close.

Puppy number 2 is a female weighing 12 7/8. Another nice, healthy puppy.

Here's the first puppy. He was born at 11:54 and weighed 12 3/4 oz. A nice sized healthy puppy!


  1. Grants Pass Mom and Dad can't see them thru the tears...Go Adders

  2. Yay Addie!! Best Mama ever:) Keep going girl. Your California family is cheering for you and those beautiful puppies!

  3. We are so so excited to see these beauties and can hardly wait to cuddle with them
    Brian & Martha