Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Snicker's Puppies born June 4, 2012

It's very warm here in the 90s so the puppies are enjoying playing after their pen has been hosed down. They like to piddle-paddle around in the water. The puppies are too big to lay down for nursing, so Snickers stands and lets them nurse.

Snicker's puppies are having their first outing and enjoying the sunshine. They are also starting to eat puppy chow. The fun begins!

The puppies have grown and now have their eyes and ears open. They will start discovering each other by sight and begin playing now.

Sweet snuggling puppies at 2 weeks old.
2 week puppy pile
2 weeks old
2 weeks old - starting to get their eyes open

Above are the one week pictures of the puppies. They are nice and fat and healthy!
Snickers had her puppies last night. She started about 9:30 and finished up by 12:30. She had 8 total, 5 females and 3 males. All of the puppies are a good weight and are healthy and thriving.

content mama
white female
orange female
purple female
black male
dark green male
teal male
red female
Pink female

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