Saturday, August 18, 2012

Abby's Summer 2012 Dozen

The puppies are three weeks old and getting curious.  They are staring to play and wrestle as well as bark at each other.  Now that their eyes are open they are alert and walking everywhere.

They are two weeks old today and their eyes and ears are starting to open. Not all of their eyes are open yet, but the ones who can see are starting to adventure around the box.  This week they will start moving around more, making a bit more noise and yes of course, mastering playtime. 

The pile, doing what they do best...snuggling.  Eat, sleep, snuggle and repeat.

A whole week of eating and sleeping has made for a much bigger pile of puppies. This week they will continue to gain weight and by next week they will have their eyes and ears open.

 Abby's puppies are here!  She labored all day long and has 12 beautiful puppies.  

Finally after twelve hours of labor for twelve puppies, Abby and her litter are resting. 

Puppy 12 is a girl at 8:52pm. 

Puppy 11 is a girl at 8:00pm. 

Puppy 10 is a girl at 6:40pm. 

Puppy 9 is a boy at 5:55pm. 

Puppy 8 is a girl at 5:10pm. 

Puppy 7 is a boy at 5:08pm. 

Puppy 6 is a girl at 4:10pm. 

Puppy 5 is a boy at 3:16pm. 

Puppy 4 is girl at 2:16pm. 

Time for a snuggle break. 

Puppy 3 is a girl at 12:20pm. 

 Puppy 2 is a boy at 10:03am.

Puppy 1 is a girl at 9:01am.

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