Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ruby's Puppies are 5 weeks old now!

Here are Ruby's beautiful puppies at 5 weeks old. They are really starting to develop personality now and are getting cuter every day! Let me say it's a challenge to photograph 13 puppies :-)

Ruby's puppies are 4 weeks old and have moved to our outdoor puppy area. They are eating puppy food and had their first bath and blow dry. We are working on training them to use a litter box for potty and they will soon start playing outside.

Here are the pictures of Ruby's Puppies at 3 weeks old. The top two pictures are the females and the bottom two are the males. All are very cute sweet puppies. They are really starting to grow now that they are eating puppy mash.

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  1. they are all cute! As pet, labradoodle puppies are really good choice. Aside form being intelligent, they dont shed much as well.