Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snickers Puppies

More fun adventures for the puppies this week at 5 weeks of age. They love to explore!

Snicker's puppies went on their first outing today. I pack them out in a laundry basket and watch them venture out and begin to explore. They are at a really fun age right now!

Snicker's puppies are 3 weeks old and all are starting to walk at a high-speed wobble and play a bit with each other. All of the puppies look like they will have beautiful, soft fleece coats.

The puppies are 2 weeks old now and have their eyes open. They are all nice and healthy. Their ears will open this week, then they'll be on the move.

Here are the pictures of the puppies at 1 week old. I love the way they snuggle together.

Number 7 is a girl weighing 7.8 oz and born at 6:29 p.m. I think we're done :-)

Number 6 is a boy weighing 10.2 and born at 6:14

Number 5 is another girl born at 5:49 and weighing 10.7

The 4th puppy is a boy weighing in at 9.8 oz and born at 5:27.

Here are puppies 1, 2, and 3 - all girls: pink - 4:19 and 8.7 oz, orange - 4:50 and 11.2 oz , red - 4:52 and 8.3 oz.

Snickers is getting her grooming job done in preparation for her upcoming litter of puppies.

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