Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lady's Puppies

The puppies are doing great and starting to get their eyes open. They are getting wiggly so pictures were a little challenging this week. Next week will be easier. The cute kids are my great niece and nephew.

Lady's puppies are one week old today. They are all doing well and steadily gaining weight. Lady is a very good, content mama.

Puppy number 1 is a girl born at 11:15pm. She weighed 9.3 oz.

Puppy 2 is a boy born at 12:06am. He weighed 8.7 oz.

Puppy 3 is a boy born at 1:00am. He weighed 11.1 oz.

Puppy 4 is a girl born at 1:28am. She weighed 10.5 oz.

Puppy 5 is a boy born at 2:38am. He weighed 9.1 oz.

Lady and the puppies are doing very well.

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